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At the time, the search engines attach great importance to the text on the page, keyword in meta tags, and other internal factors, which site owners can easily manipulate. The first advertising Agency was established Volny Palmer in 1842 in the USA[7]. This newsletter reminds subscribers about the website and business owner, informing and encouraging repeat visits.




November 2015

In the early 20th century, advertising has become a truly mass — primarily due to the unprecedented growth of world industrial production, but also thanks to the emergence of new and increasingly sophisticated means of creating and disseminating advertising: multicolor printing, analog, and then digital radio and television broadcasting, satellite communications, finally, computers and the Internet.


March 2016

A number of companies on their official websites offers visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, informing you about company news and updates to the web site.


June 2016

For example, you can view all beauty salons in a certain area of the city.